Look Forward with Hope

Hope is what keeps us alive – having it means we believe that tomorrow is better than the alternative.   Holding onto hope is what drives us forward; it serves as a self motivator to both want and believe that there is better for us.  When hoping for change in a life situation or for a change in those around you, it is a challenge to accept that you cannot change what is out of your control. Our focus and attention needs to shift to what is controllable, which is our emotions and our reaction.

You are not your life situation. You are not your illness. You are not your injury. It can change. It may only be a temporary situation that you have to accept is not going to change at this moment in time, but may change for the better in the future. For those with a permanent disability, acceptance is often the hardest part initially but emotions do change over time. A broken body is not a broken person. Whether a disability is temporary or permanent, it will get better in time.

My life situation has been the unknown. It is unknown as to why this has happened or whether it will get better. I chose to have hope. I know my future will be better physically. I have already surpassed what I was once told I would never physically be able to do anymore, and I’m not going to stop there.  I will admit that I did let those words affect me, but I came to realize that “never” and “can’t” was not something I was willing to accept. In my heart, I knew it was not true.  Sometimes words are just words, and a diagnosis is not always permanent.  It is not always so black-and-white to figure out what we merrily have to accept will always be true, and what we can change through perseverance and a willingness to never give up.

As for your relationships with people whether a close friend, partner, or relative – do not go running back to something that once broke you. It will not change this time around as badly as you hope or believe you deserve for it to be different. It is what it is, and what it is, is not for you anymore. Let it go. It is in your past. Leave it there. Maybe it was never for you. Maybe you are just realizing that now, but now that you know better, do better. Trying to convince them of their wrongdoing will not make things better, because in their own perspective they are right. Don’t think about them, don’t talk about them, don’t try to contact them, just move forward. They have already given up on you, now it’s your turn to let go. This was a very hard life lesson for me to learn while always believing in the best in others. Living in an unfriend and unfollow society, sometimes there are no explanations needed – if it doesn’t add anything to your life, simply remove it.  Life is too short to spend dwelling on others that do not appreciate you.

Look forward with hope that there will be those that deserve to stay in your life that value you for all that you are. I know I am incredibly fortunate to already have those friends and family members in my life that I value immensely.  Do not let any words go unsaid, let those people know just how much they mean to you.  I will always remain true to myself and seek out any relationship with an open heart. After all, we all share a common thread by having been emotionally broken in someway during our lifetime.  What if we all treated each other as the fragile human beings that we are, and not as a means to an end?

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