The Hope Collective Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in February 2017 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Mission statement: dedicated to passionately advocating for those in chronic pain.

The Hope Collective is a collaborative organization that works alongside other pain leaders in the community to bring about change.  It aims to unite those in pain with holding community wide events spreading awareness on chronic pain through patient story telling, and hosting healthcare professionals speaking on pain topics as well as providing resources to connect those in pain to alternative healthcare professionals in the community.  Educating policymakers on chronic pain through initiatives to influence policy for pain patients and increase access to alternative healthcare providers is also a priority to the organization.

Lauren C. Donnelly, PharmD, RPh serves as the President/Founder of The Hope Collective.  Dr. Donnelly is a pharmacist practicing in the Boston area, and a dedicated chronic pain advocate.  She also serves as a Pain Ambassador for the U.S. Pain Foundation, and is a member of the policy council for the Massachusetts Pain Initiative.  As a survivor of chronic pain, Dr. Donnelly started The Hope Collective after dealing with her own frustrations in finding a treatment plan with little hope of breaking the chronic pain cycle.  It was then with the hope that she found with the right support system in a more integrated healthcare approach that she was able to begin to break that cycle.  She aspires to translate that same hope to the community at large to speak up for all of those suffering from chronic pain conditions.

Lauren C. Donnelly, Founder/President of The Hope Collective